Is there a difference between classes at a Recreation Center and Anytime Fitness?

The main difference is location. All of our classes are taught with the same level of professionalism, individualized attention and care for the students. While we would love for all of our dancers to stick with us through Recital, classes at the Rec centers are 4 or 6 week commitments. All of our classes at Anytime Fitness are considered a 9 month commitment. The final difference is that to register and pay for class sessions at Rec Centers through their systems. Our Anytime Fitness classes go through our personal portal. All Winter Showcase and Recital fees are paid directly to The Dance Department through our portal.

Attire – What should my dancer wear to class?

Generally speaking dancers should wear comfy clothes they can move in, have their hair tied back and style appropriate shoes. If you dancers is in ballet, they should have ballet shoes and a leotard. For more specific class requirements see the class description or reach out to a director or their teacher for more guidance.

Will my dancer have a chance to perform?

TDD believes that performance is an integral part dance and is often the highlight of a season. TDD offers 2 performance opportunities to our dancers. Our Winter Showcase in December and Spring Recital in May are open to all of our dancers. Reach out to a director to find out more information about participation fees, etc. If you dancer is eager to perform more, they can join our Repertory company. Click here to find out more.

How frequently and how do I pay?

Anytime Fitness – For payments at our main location you will pay with a card via our secure parent portal. You may contact a director if you wish to pay via check or cash. Your monthly balance is posted on the 1st of each month and due by 8th to avoid a late fee.

Rec Center Payments – These are paid through the Rec’s portal or at their front desks. Payment and registration is due at the beginning of each new session.

Can my dancer compete with TDD?

TDD is a non-competitive studio. Our Repertory offers dancers more performance opportunities, volunteer/service, and places a higher focus on technique.

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