Dance Classes

Registration is NOW OPEN for our 2023-2024 Dance Season!

Interested Families are Invited to Schedule a FREE Trial Class!

Why Choose TDD?

At TDD, there is a place for everyone to feel safe, have fun, and feel welcomed into our dance family. Whether your dancer is looking to develop a strong technical foundation for a future in the performing arts or is just looking to take part in a fun after-school class, our goal is in finding what is right for you.

Where is TDD Located?

The Dance Department offers classes in two different locations: Anytime Fitness and Windsor Recreation Center. All students are invited and encouraged to participate in the end of the year recital.

Why Should My Dancer Participate in Winter Showcase and Recital?

Dancers work hard in class to develop their technical dancing skills. They learn combinations and work on their memory in every session and shows give dancers a chance to showcase their talents!

Dance studios worldwide offer performance opportunities for dancers of all ages. Performing gives dancers a chance to develop self confidence, showcase their talent, and work on skills necessary for those interested in pursing a dancing career. As well help to develop confidence in front of large groups which can help with public speaking and giving speeches in a school setting.

Recital is our grand finale, our ‘final game’ if you are a sports parent. This is a chance for all of our classes to come together in one big performance on a real stage. It showcases individual talent as well as what our classes have accomplished as a whole.

ALL of our classes both at our Recreation Center and Anytime Fitness are invited to participate in both Winter Showcase and Recital. There is not an age/talent limit in the shows put on by The Dance Department. If you are a student of ours, you are qualified and ready to perform! We believe in you! <3

**The Dance Department is licensed to play music not belonging to The Dance Department at public events

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