Classroom Policies

To ensure all dancers get the most of their class and are respectful to their peers please have your dancer and families follow the guidelines and rules below. We thank you an advanced for your cooperation! – Ms.Nicole & Miss Miranda

1.) Arrive on time – we ask that students and families do their best to have their dancer’s arrive on time. When dancers arrive late it disrupts class and puts dancers at risk for injury should they not be properly warmed-up.

2.) Dress Code – we ask that all dancers are properly attired, wearing the correct shoes, and have their hair pulled out of their face. – If you have questions on any of this for your dancer’s class please reach out to the studio.

3.). Parents/Guardians please wait outside the room – For the comfort of all of the dancers, parents/guardians are asked to wait in lobby area by the couches until class is over. We understand that parents love to be engaged however, it can become a distraction to the class and a parent’s presence might intimidate other students. We welcome everyone back the last 5 minutes of class. Exceptions include trial classes or dancers having trouble leaving a parent. If your dancer is under the age of 5, it is still highly encouraged unless taking a partner class that you do not stay inside the room. If you dancer is under the age of 5 and a guardian must remain, we ask that only one guardian remain in the room throughout class.

4.) Arrival (specifically at Anytime Fitness) – Your teacher will meet you at the front door to let you in at class time.

If you are running late to class please text us at the studio number 970-230-3226

5.) What to bring into class – We ask that dancers do bring a water bottle and the appropriate shoes. We ask that for safety of dancers with allergies that snacks are not eaten in the dance room. Also please leave beloved toys, stuffies, etc at home, we do not want them to become lost or damaged – TDD is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

6.) What to expect – A welcoming, safe, and positive environment. TDD does not tolerate bullying of any kind. TDD asks that dancers come willing to learn and have fun.

7.) Leave the phone and attitude at home – We understand that most dancers and children will have their own cellphones at some point. All phones are to remain in the dance bag during class-time. If there is an emergency please contact the studio via phone or text at 970-230-3226. Every person has bad days, and we want to be here for our dancers during these times. However, studio and class time is meant for learning and instruction.

8.) Use the bathroom prior to class – It happens – students need to use the restroom during class. We highly recommend dancers try to use the bathroom prior to class starting so dancers do not disrupt or miss class.

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