51 Days Until Recital!

Happy Friday TDD Dance Fam!

We hope you all liked our new space! We are excited to finish up recital choreography and gear up for a great show!

Just a couple of reminders as we are in a new space. Please be sure to text the studio phone 970-230-3226, if you need help entering Anytime Fitness, or a running late. Teachers will be at the door at the start of class to let people in, classes run back to back , so they might not be early. Let’s try not to bang on the doors and remind our dancers to be careful walking through the gym floor, as there are people using machines and we do not want anyone to get hurt accidentally.

We are so thankful for your continued support and patience as we have moved around. We will be in this location through May! : )

Recital Count Down – 7 Weeks from Sunday or 51 Days until Curtain!

Recital 101

What is Recital? – Recital is our Grand Finale to our dance year. It is a time for all dancers to shine on stage and perform for their families and friends. Recital is our biggest production of the year, all of our classes have a choreographed dance they learn and perform.

Stage Fright – Stage Fright is a completely normal emotion and feeling that can even effect the most skilled and practiced performers. The best way to combat stage fright is positive reenforcement and encouragement, and for dancers to feel prepared. We address all of this in class but of course talking about it at home is a great choice too. We recommending encouraging your dancer to practice at home so they feel more confident : ). Within the next couple of weeks directors will be sharing links to practice videos and music so they can practice easily. The next best way is to be on stage and see the space. This will happen at dress rehearsal. Dancers will get to dance on the stage and see what it feels like. Finally just reassure your dancer that no matter what, their teacher and you are proud of them : ). We are so proud of every dancer and all their hard work!

Where are dancers during recital when they aren’t performing? Dancers will be held backstage and supervised by background checked and CPR certified staff. Dancers can not come out and sit with their parents during the show. Dancers will be required to arrive at 12:30pm on Recital day and stay throughout the entire performance.

What should my dancer bring? Your dancer should arrive ready to go – in their costume, with their shoes, hair and make-up done, and they can bring a small snack that is easy to eat and will not make a mess. Dancers can bring water but please no pop, juice, or drinks that can easily spill or stain. If your dancer is in multiple dances they can use a laundry basket, a storage tote, or a suit case to help organize their costumes and belongings. Every item your dancer brings should be labeled with their name or initials.

Buying Additional Tickets – Each Recital Package included a certain number of tickets. We will be sending you your included tickets as we get closer to our performance date. Additional tickets can be purchase via this link. Additional tickets are $10.00 pre-sale and will be $15.00 at the door. Seating is general admission.

Costumes will be handed out as they come in, we ask that you try on your costume once you get it alert us ASAP if the sizing is wrong beyond simple adjustments. Store your costume in a safe place where littles hands and family pets can’t get to it ; ). We ask that dancers only wear their costume to dress rehearsal and to recital after trying it on and then once recital it is over it is theirs to wear, treasure, and use as you see fit : ).

We are looking for Recital Sponsors – Please reach out if you or if you know someone or business that might be interested!


Tuition is due at the beginning of the month. It is posted on the first. If you are more than 7 days late the system will automatically post late fees! We highly recommend enrolling in autopay which is processed on the 1st to avoid late fees. Please reach out with questions or concerns.

Upcoming Events

April 2022

  • 4/22 – Repertory Performance at Bethesda Gardens
  • 4/23 – Repertory Performance at The Loveland Memory Care Facility

May 2022

  • 5/22-5/26 Last Week of Dance Classes
  • 5/27 – Dress Rehearsal
  • 5/29 – First Annual Recital


Ms. Nicole & Ms. Miranda

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