Upcoming Events / 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Dance!

Upcoming events!

Join us for some giveaways and prizes at the Windsor Harvest Festival Labor Day Weekend September 4th-6th!

Evening classes start Tuesday 9/7

On Thursday September 16th, join us at The Gym for Every Body Open House

Bring your friends and get dance at our Free Dance Classes 9/18 at the Gym for Every Body from 1-3pm!

Wishing you a Friday full of fun!

Ms. Miranda & Ms. Nicole

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Dance

Here at The Dance Department, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to dance and get moving- no matter what that looks like for you! Here are 5 reasons why everyone should dance.

Dancing builds confidence in one’s self.

When dancers attend class, no matter what the style is, there are goals to accomplish. From balancing on one foot to challenging yourself to a triple pirouette. When goals are reached, dancers grow not only in their technique but in their sense of accomplishment.

Teaches discipline and respect.

Dance is an art founded on respect. The traditional ballet class ends with “Reverence”, or a way to share thanks and appreciation. It is a way to acknowledge one another and thank a teacher for teaching and a student for their hard work.

An Avenue of Self-Expression

Dance gives dancers a way to tell a story. One of the first things a dancer will tell you when asked why they dance, is the ability to channel their emotions and funnel them through. Dance allows you to take to the floor and release the tension in hip hop, harness some calm in ballet, or laugh through a tap class.

Get Exercise

Dance is a fun way to get up and get moving! It releases tension, endorphins, and helps kids stay active especially during the winter when it can be hard for some to want to be outdoors.

Form Friendships

Dance class gives kids the ability to make new friends. As classes work towards a common goal, dancers are encouraged to support each other.

Here at The Dance Department, our goal is to unify dancers from all different backgrounds and skill levels. To build a dance family where students can not only become the best dancers they can be but also their best selves.

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